Tapping your foot, chewing your pen top and  twirling your hair are things we do to relax. People with autism flap their hands,  spin objects, and wiggle pieces of paper. Reguardless, things can feel like way too much for all of us, and we crave a way to relax fast! It’s a natural instinct.  Digit Fidget pockets give you a way to manage that out of control feeling all on your own. Our pockets are filled with different textured fabrics and materials.  When you put your hands in your pockets,  you have no problems keeping them there. The pocket provides you with a calming, relaxing, grounding feeling, whenever you need it, all day long!

Yes, we have Autism, and our fair share of challenges. Being non verbal is for sure one of those. People seem to interpret it as a sign of intelligence or that we are hard of hearing.  We hear you and we understand you. We promise we also have good days and bad days, but then again, doesn’t everyone? Digit Fidget Pockets make our bad days better and our good days really good. We are asking for a chance to share with you one of our favorite things.  Here at WAYBEYONDTHELABEL we have the power to change the world.

Give us a try, Eenie and Oodie

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